200 Hour Yoga Lila Teacher Training

Led by Yoga Lila founder Jasmine Holthausen (500 RYT, CYT, 200 E-RYT), with guest teachers.

In this training, you will be a part of a dedicated and committed community; willing and eager to learn, as well as grow and build the relationship within. You will begin to grow the tools in your tool box of yoga and learn to apply them as a daily practice, and begin to live in your most authentic form, in turn giving permission for others to live in theirs. Let the journey begin by saying yes.


Things you will learn and embody through the Teacher Training:

* Apply yoga to your daily life

* Truly deepen your understanding and practice of yoga

* Teach others what you have learned to practice on and off your mat every day

* Find your own authentic voice and a deeper meaning behind your growth, and apply that to your teachings

* Study the anatomy and its applications in asana

* Learn how to observe your students and give verbal and hands-on adjustments

* Deepen your understanding of bodily alignment through asana

* Delve deeper into the wisdom of sacred texts and tantric studies

* Learn how to study and apply these texts to everyday living

* Study Ayurvedic teachings to adopt as daily practices for whole body health

* Become a part of a sanga (community) that will help support your growth and transformation as a student and teacher.

* A study of teaching yoga as a business or career; how to successfully and joyfully capitalize on the value you create as a teacher


Training Schedule

This teacher training is formatted as a 12 week course.

There are currently no trainings scheduled. Please contact Jasmine if you are interested in attending a Yoga Lila teacher training.

Example Meeting Times:
Fridays: 3pm – 6pm
Saturdays: 10am-6pm
Sundays: 11:30-3:30


2017 Teacher Training Enrollment Example Pricing

  • Early bird special: $3000
  • Normal Pricing: $3300
  • 10 week payment plan: $360 paid prior to each weekend session with a $620 deposit; total of $3600



* One year or more practice/study of Yoga

* A burning desire to learn more about Yoga


Jasmine will host a June Q&A session prior to the training.

If you are interested in attending the teacher training, please contact jasmine for questions or to obtain an application for the program.