Therapeutic Yoga can be the key to unlocking a sense of well-being in your body.

With Yoga Lila as your partner in growth, you will form a dedicated yoga practice which can reduce the stress in your life and calm the fluctuations of the mind.

In private sessions, we will work one-on-one to custom build yoga sequences just for you. Through this work, you will uncover more of your true self with yoga as the medicine for powerful healing and self-realization.

Our sessions together can be focused on holistic health and the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit – or they can take on a more specific and focused therapeutic aspect to help with specific injuries or dis-eases.

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Therapeutic Yoga is…

Therapeutic Yoga is a gentle healing practice that places less emphasis on vigorous movement, instead using one-on-one work to find the best way to take care of your body, mind, and spirit. It is training in the art of healing from the inside out. Therapeutic Yoga can help manage or even resolve issues you experience in your health.

Yoga Lila is dedicated to your growth to help heal the body and mind using yoga postures. We will focus on paying close attention to your anatomy and proper bodily alignment, so you may turn inward and access your body’s innate power of healing and well-being.

“All yoga is grounded in freedom from suffering.”

The fundamental task of therapeutic yoga is to release false identification and attachments. This in turn reduces suffering, manages difficult symptoms, improves our function, and through these it shifts our perception toward the positive.

Therapeutic Yoga can help those who:

-Have suffered injuries

-Are recovering from a traumatic event

-Have had surgery

-Cope with PTSD

-Experience Anxiety, Depression or Stress

-Desire guidance in women’s health

-Have high blood pressure

-Are coping with the effects of cancer treatments

-Have any musculoskeletal concerns, including lower and upper back pain, sciatica, and shoulder, neck, or hip pain.

…or anyone else with a chronic ailment which has been difficult to treat effectively.

What to expect from Therapeutic Yoga sessions:

With Yoga Lila, you can expect to have a customized sequence specifically tailored to fit your needs. We will use yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and mantras each very specific to you and the healing you wish to achieve.

My every relationship with a Therapeutic Yoga client begins with an informal consultation. This will allow me to learn about you and your history, and to understand what you wish to achieve through yoga therapy.

I typically recommend meeting 3 times a week for an 8 week period, allowing us both to see and measure your progress throughout that time. We will also set you up for a successful home practice to continue your growth and help build the confidence within that supports your mental and physical health.

At the conclusion of your therapeutic session, we will together summarize the progress you have made and compare your current state of mind, body, and spirit to your starting point.

Following our initial therapeutic yoga sessions, Yoga Lila can support the continuing journey of self-fulfillment in any variety of ways; as you heal and progress we can work together to develop even more enriching yoga sequences to use in your regular practice.


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